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Google My Business (GMB) Creation

Today, search is digital, just think about it for a moment. Do you want to get the DIY tools and paints you need for your renovation? Google. Want to try a new restaurant or cafe in your area? Google. Wondering what are the trends for this year? Google. Are you interested in current political or celebrity news? Google.

And we could list that indefinitely, as billions of people use Google’s search engine every day to search for all sorts of things and information. But first, let’s talk about what exactly Google My Business is.

Google My Business

1. Easier to discover

Whether you want to generate web or personal traffic, Google is the best possible search interface for your online presence. By creating your company profile, you are essentially ensuring that they are hit by both simple and map searches.

If you’ve already started building your online presence, you can use Google My Business to get even better results on the results list than before.

2. You will have access to statistics

Another great benefit of Google My Business is the availability of statistics. Among other things, you can keep track of how many people have contacted you, called you, clicked on your pictures, or asked for information.

Plus, these statistics can come in handy with your Google Ads campaigns. With a business account, you can also add local extensions to your ads, such as clickable location information.

3. You can increase the trust of your customers

Trust is a key component in customer decision making. And you can also increase the credibility of your store through customer reviews.

Customer reviews include their own experiences and honest opinions. And people love to read reviews like this before they commit, but really. Just think back to when you last wanted to order a new product for you. You must have been one of the first to seek the opinions and experiences of others about it

Positive reviews not only improve rankings, but also serve as free and reliable ads. It is important to get positive feedback! 

Google My Business

4. Google Local Pack Listing

The Local Pack, or “local package / group,” usually appears as results from organic searches. These lists can appear essentially at any time when Google believes that the current search is local. For example, best cafe budapest and hairdresser nearby list nearby places that seem relevant. It is not necessary to enter separate geographical names during the search, it also assumes a local search.

The list basically includes the three businesses that they find most relevant and most useful to us.

It is important to mention that the amount of information shared may vary based on the completeness of the company profile. That’s why it’s a good idea to fill out your profile as accurately and extensively as possible, because Google ranks businesses here and presents them based on the results you get.

5. Google Local Finders

Did you notice the All button at the bottom of the Local Pack Listing in the image above? When someone clicks on that button, the page navigates them to Local Finders:

Here you will find an expanded list on the left side of the browser, where the results are usually arranged in groups of ten or twenty. The map on the right side of the page will show the shops in the list. The map can be easily zoomed in and out, and the marked locations can be clicked.

6. Google Maps

On Android devices, this is the default search mode, but can also be used in the desktop version. The results of searches submitted through Google Maps are similar to those of Local Finders.

In contrast, the URL for this type of search is beginning. Also, for an enhanced user experience, we sometimes come here automatically from the Local Pack.

Google My Business

7. Questions and Answers in your Google My Business Account

Questions and Answers is a rather eloquent feature called, which is also very useful. The bottom line is that users can ask your company questions through the GMB profile, which can then be answered by you (or the person who manages the profile).

8. Ratings and Opinions - Reputation Management in Google My Business account.

Unlike many other online review / rating services, Google encourages owners to encourage (by ethical means, of course) their customers to write reviews about them on their GMB profile. These opinions and ratings can help stand out from the crowd among the myriad competing hits.

9. Services and Menus

If you sell services (hotel, hairdresser, marketing company, or essentially anything else) and offer several types of services, you can list them in a separate section of your data sheet.

The Internet has given consumers a more useful tool than ever before that can thrive on its own or overthrow the reputation of a company or brand. These are online reviews and ratings. In recent years, more and more users are turning to these reviews written by past customers and buyers to find out what they are getting for their money when they buy a particular product or service. According to a survey, 85% of people trust these online reviews as if they had heard them from an acquaintance of their own. What’s more, every second user (49%) is only willing to do business with (or buy from) companies that have received at least a 4/5 star rating online.

Google My Business

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