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Website Development

Facebook is enough. Do you really think so? 
We describe why a Facebook page is not enough. 
More and more people are searching the internet for products, services, and businesses. (Yours may not even be on the web in that form, or the search engine will rank lower in search results…) Your business will become more credible among your existing customers, or you can build trust in the eyes of new, potential customers with a secure, nicely-created website. Prestige is important, a good website will further increase the value of your company’s prestige. With a professional website, you can gain an even bigger advantage over your competitors.
Website Development

1. Websites can save you money 

If you are a small or medium business, you may also think that you cannot afford a website. And yet, if you take full advantage of a website, you will soon realize that this investment can pay off soon. You only have to pay once when you commission a company to create a website for your business (secure, search engine worded, beautiful and informative) that absolutely reflects your Company. This should not and should not be spared, as a poorly structured site will not awaken the expected trust and credibility in people, but the opposite. Every year, you have to pay the hosting provider for the domain of your website and its storage, which costs less than the company’s corporate monthly phone bill. In addition, there may be extra costs if you want to change your image or add extra features to your website, but these are already much cheaper than creating a new website. 
If you hire a fair company to create and maintain your website, they will help you with the hosting provider every year, and they will help you if you have a question and don’t let go. 

2. A websitesite is available in 24/7

Your website works even when you’re sleeping or can’t pick up your phones. Available at any moment, your customers can get information about your business even when it is closed. 

3. It's up to you

It doesn’t matter the type of your business, it doesn’t matter the form of your activity. There are no entry restrictions. The internet is completely open to everyone. It will be fully tailored to your expectations, it will reflect the image of your business, without limits. 
Website Development

4. The website can be used to overcome territorial barriers

It is true that Facebook has a similar positive feature, however, if the company working on your website has set the keywords (SEO) properly, they can get to know your services and products from any country in the world. For example, your coffee shop makes a special drink from a special kind of coffee bean, but it also serves many other types of coffee specialties. People will only find you on facebook if they are specifically looking for your company, however, if you have a website, anyone from anywhere in the world looking for that type of coffee bean will know that they can taste it in your store. Isn't it great?
Website Development
Website Development

5. Improves the quality of customer service

Frequently asked questions and answers can help you solve the problems your customers typically encounter. With automatic, innovative modules we can further increase the areas of customer service (for example, built-in chat, facebook / messenger connection). 

6. Facebook only knows half of that

Social media sites even with add-on applications - can only get up to half of everything. It is a very important addition to a super website, but should only be used in addition to, not in place of, it.

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